These won’t answer the question what is the purpose to life? BUT it will hopefully help you answer all your Beauty Beholder questions. BUT if they don’t you can always slide in our DM’s.

If you can’t tell we are obsessed with the song “Down in the DM” in the office.

Even in 2017.

How much is shipping?

Our UK delivery is a flat rate of £3.50 BUT it’s FREE for orders £50 & over

Our Europe delivery is a flat rate of £4.50 and spend £65 & over for free delivery,

Our USA delivery is a flat rate of £5 and spend £75 & over for free delivery,

Rest of the world is a flat rate of £10 and spend £85 and over for free delivery,

We are not responsible for any customs or import taxes, sorry!

I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people that will spend £20 on lipstick but don’t want to spend £3.99 on delivery.

How long does shipping take?

Beauty Beholders Mailman Meme

Is this you, coz this is me….

Don’t worry your UK order will be with you in 1-4 working days.

Europe orders will be with you within 4-7 working days.

Rest of the world orders will be with you within 7-15 working days.



All orders placed after 4pm will be dispatched the next day.


Here’s a little story, one day my weave didn’t arrive for next day delivery I had my hair appointment in 3 hours. I chased the postman down like I literally chased the van like YO FAM WHERE’S MY PACKAGE. I even took his number and was like “YOU TEXT ME when you get my package. “

Needless to say I missed my appointment.

The next day my package arrived and it turns out one of the letters in my postcode was incorrect.


The same postman whose number I took and chased came and delivered it saying I FOUND IT FOR YOU, I FOUND IT PRETTY LADY and I said thank you…delete my number now please.

I’m about this life.

I can’t wait for my packages I want my makeup now!!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the UK and Europe.

Soon we will take over the world


The worst thing happened my product arrived faulty or damaged. You know that feeling when you drop your highlighter and it smashes. Yea that’s how I feel right now?

Oh no I’m sorry, I know how you feel but we can fix it. (Have you seen that scene in Holes and that chocolate man was fixing everything…well that’s us)

Head over to our contact form, choose the option “Oh no my item was faulty or damaged” and tell us all about it and so we can fix it for you.

You can also email us on customerservices@beautybeholders.co.uk

Can I change my order?

We process all your orders super fast; I mean we know how it is to wait for your packages. It’s because of this we’re sorry you’re unable to change your order after placing it, but after you receive your order, please feel free to return or exchange the items, unopened and unused.

If you want to do this you can email us on customerservices@beautybeholders.co.uk

EH EH Where’s the discount at?

I love a good discount code. I’m the person googling discount codes before I make a purchase. Free delivery is my favourite kind. To receive discounts sign up to our mailing list HERE. (You also get a special surprise on your Birthday!)

Beholder you said you love discount codes, why isn’t mine working?

Try copy and pasting the code into the promo box and hopefully it will work.

I’m sorry you can’t typically combine discount codes (unless it’s your birthday!) So I would chose the code with the greater value, just a hint. Please check the terms and conditions of your code, it might of expired or be for first time users.

If not tweet us at @beautybeholders it makes it easier to get a faster response.

We can’t add discounts after orders are placed so lets solve this issue first.

I want to return an item

….Well no you can’t, why would you want to return all this makeup goodness.

This feels like a break up


Only joking, you have 14 days to make a return.

Please include your invoice and whether you would like a return or an exchange or a gift voucher.

Due to hygiene reasons we can only accept unopened unused items.

More information can be found on the back of your invoice.

Your refunds will be processed within 14 days.

Sorry but all sales on SALE items are final.

I haven’t received my order?



I almost want to say chase the postman like I did in my story time but I don’t want to get sued.

No I’m sorry you haven’t received your package, I know the feeling.

Please wait 6 working days but after that use our contact us form and we will track down your order and reply to you within 48 hours.

Ermm…Are all your products cruelty free and vegan

All our products are cruelty free.

However to check which products are vegan please read the individual product description of said product.

I have allergies and I’m not talking about peanuts!

If you have allergies please check the ingredients list of any product you wish to purchase or try.

You can also tweet us @beautybeholders

What’s your favourite beauty product?

We LIVE AND DIE for matte lipstick…Drools like Homer Simpson….

We’re scared to make all the other lipsticks jealous but RED LIPSTICK is QUEEN!

Click here for our favourite red lips of ALL TIME.


I love makeup, I mean it’s one of the reason I started this company. Yet truth be told I’m wasn’t always the greatest at it. One of the biggest problems I had was how to put on false eyelashes.

Makeup seemed like a foreign world to me. There were times I would want help from makeup counters, & I would feel intimated or shy or maybe coz I had a lack of funds and just wanted one item.

It’s because of this we have a wide blog and video section to help you as much as possible.

Check out our blog here

And our youtube here.

Look forward to learning, growing and exploring together.

I want you to swatch a certain product on a certain skin tone.

It doesn’t have to be a product on Beauty Beholders either.

The best way to do it is to connect us on our social media.

Tag us in post, leave what you want to see in our comments, slide into our DMs.

We love swatches.

Literally at work I was know for having makeup swatches all over my hand.

If you have any youtube suggestions or things of that nature,

Use our contact form and choose the suggestions option.

Snapchat me that Lipstick….if it’s cool… So you want to connect with us on social media!

Yay slide into my DM’s, it goes down in the DM’s

Click the links





Facebook: (I know I’m surprised it’s still around)

Any other social request or interest email us on social@beautybeholders.co.uk

Tag us in your post #Beautybeholders we love seeing your posts & we love to repost too.

You’re a blogger, a vlogger, a shot caller? And you want to become one of Beholders or review our website & products?

Sponsorship? Beauty Blogger? Tell me more? Tell me more?

(We hope you sang that like Summer Lovin’ from Grease)

Head over to our contact us form & choose the Blogger, Vlogger, Shot Caller option. Please include your name, age, website/blog link, page ratings, twitter, instagram and youtube. You can even add in your snapchat…if that’s cool.


Hello press and PR, big and small, welcome. First the small, we know how hard it can be when you’re first starting out a blog, working on a magazine etc.

Maybe you want to interview the Beholder on the makeup empire she’s created (we are speaking it into existence).

Get into contact with us.

If you have any products you wish us to try out you can send it to our PO BOX

The Beholder writes our blog post and creates the ideas for our youtube videos so any items you wish to be written about address it to her.

If you want to send an item to one of our brand ambassadors please clearly label which ambassador you want to send the items too.

REMEMBER there are 9 brand ambassdors/Beholders in total so you might have to send 9 items if you want us to all have one.

Please use our contact form and choose the option Press/PR.

This option is not for bloggers, vloggers or instagram models.

Wait there’s a limit to how much I can buy? But I want all the makeup!

What you talking about Willis? (wow, you don’t know this reference are we that old)

Yes there’s a limit, some limited edition items will be limited to 2 per customer. This is also so all our Beholders get a chance to get this Holy Grail makeup product.

Do you want us to carry your product?

Well, well, well, looky what we have here…

Only joking, we love hearing about new products and supporting small businesses. Select “wholesale” in our contact us form and let’s get talking.

What about other kinds of wholesale?

I’m sorry we don’t sell any of our items wholesale. We are authorised stockists of our products. Please be careful purchasing from companies that aren’t authorised or third parties, we care about your safety.

You want to send products to one of our Beholders.

Please send any products to our PO BOX, however please clearly label which Beholder the items are for. Otherwise it will be like that scene in Mean Girls when everyone is fighting after the burn book was released.

And we did not leave Crompton for this!

The Beholder likes items too she’s the person who writes the blogs (wink, wink)

This is no guarantee that they will promote you products but when I first started out working out in the creative industry I found it hard to contact shot callers, so hopefully this helps you get a foot in the door.

I would also suggest sending some information too about your products, prices, website etc.

Don’t worry we’re going to do a segment on small business and how to grow and connect with the right people.

It’s coming soon.

Do you offer MUA pro discount?

Not at the moment makeup dolls but we are working on it.

Soon my precious….soon.

What currencies do you accept?

I wish we could accept Doubloons, because then I could become Pirate King!

But no, all our prices are displayed in Pound Sterling, cash money.

We accept all major debit and credit cards and even Paypal.

Visa, Mastercard, American express to name a few.

All our European dolls you will have to contact your bank about exchange rates.

Just for good measure, what is the purpose to life?

Matte Lipstick….I don’t know we tried but when we find out we’ll be sure to tell you!

I know I know that was a lot of info but I wanted to be able to answer all your questions, also I use to hate when I couldn’t find the answer to my question.

I always have a question.

I was the person in class and the teacher would always say, “Why am I not surprised you have a question”

And I like to talk too…

….in case you couldn’t tell

Hopefully you find what you’re looking for!


If not we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Us Here

Happy Shopping Beholders.